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7 Fantastic Dining Room Designs

When it comes to dining rooms, there are so many different directions in which to go. You have to consider what vibe you want to emit and what image you want to emanate. Every part of a dining room has an effect on this vibe -from the table to the upholstery of the seats to the color of the walls. Here are some examples to help you gain a better picture of what each aspect brings what to a room and what you want yours to be.


1. Dark walls and upholstery give off a serious and formal vibe.

2. Upholstered seats give off a wealthy plush vibe.

3. Wooden seats, depending on the design, can be either light or heavy, but still give off a farmhouse, warmer vibe.

4. Yellow or brightly colored walls radiate a light and bright feel to the room.

5. The shape of a table is also something to consider when designing your dining room. The round table can give a more familial vibe.

6. When choosing a rectangular table, the vibe it sends off depends on the design of the table itself.  A light framed table gives off a lighter vibe where as a heavy-set, large table will give a more formal vibe.


7. Some people choose to combine the heavy, rustic, wooden table with the lighter plastic or small wooden chairs to create a rustic yet informal vibe to the dining room.


So when designing your dining room consider the chair design, the wall color, the window placement, the heaviness of the furniture, as well as the shape and design of the table. Peruse through our photo gallery for some more dining room inspiration!