5 Yard Structures For A Beautiful Front Yard

The front yard serves as a transition from the neighborhood to the inside of your home, therefore its features are important. It’s what people see from the outside when they walk or drive by, and the first thing you see when you come home.

Add an arbor to your front yard for a charming and quaint look. Try rose-topped white lattice for a traditional look, or steel with ivy for a contemporary one.

Fences aren’t crucial to every front yard, but especially if your home is built near a busy road, a fence creates a nice separation between the sidewalk and your yard. Try an open and welcoming fence in order to avoid closing your yard off.

Gates certainly will provide your home more privacy, and can also can be quite charming. A well-placed gate will set off your entry. Make sure you choose your hardware carefully, as latches that are difficult to open will cause a lot of frustration.

Artwork does not have to be limited to the inside of your home. Choose some unique statues for outdoor display. Make sure that whatever artwork you do choose, is made of materials that can withstand the outdoor elements.


The sound of trickling water creates an unparalleled calming and soothing affect. Install a fountain in your front yard for a dramatic statement as well as to create a serene environment. Make sure you choose a fountain of appropriate size, and that it does not overwhelm your yard.