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5 Ways To Cozy Your Home For Fall

From the first crisp morning to the first change of leaves, signs of fall beckon us to spend more of our time indoors.

Plaid is the iconic fabric of fall.  As the fall season approaches, incorporate it into your home by using a plaid blanket as a tablecloth. A small round table is perfect for displaying this unique tablecloth. Let the tablecloth drape to the floor, an imperfect look is what you’re going for!

Display fall gourds an elegant way. Instead of piecing together a pile of pumpkins, choose a group of five or six graceful looking gourds with swan necks. Line them down the center of your dining table.

Give your old quilt a new purpose. Vintage quilts can make excellent and interesting tablecloths. Instead of using your grandma’s family heirloom, pick one up at the thrift store, just in case. The worn look of the vintage quilt will give your table a  homey look. Give it a full wash only when necessary, as quilts are delicate.

As the weather gets colder, instantly warm up your home with candles. Watching candle flames flicker has a calming and warming effect. Choose deep-colored candles such as reds and oranges. If you like scented candles, choose warm fall scents like vanilla, pumpkin or cinnamon spice.

While throw blankets are highly functional, even if you don’t plan on using them, they serve as a quaint decorative accent to any living room as fall rolls around the corner. Choose a throw made out of a warm thick material such as wool, or a cable knit throw.