Living Room

5 Unforgettable Living Room Design Trends

When it comes to living rooms, expect bigger, brighter, bolder, and better! This season the living room is in the spotlight, add some of these touches to make yours unforgettable.

Open up your living room to the beautiful scenery outside with floor to ceiling windows. These windows will give your living room a grandiose feel.

Lettering is in! Look for it in pillows, artwork, decor and wall murals. Have fun with different colors, shapes and sizes. Use a lot of letters, or stick to one as a focal point.

This season take your living room over the top. Big, powerful statement pieces with heavy contrast will make a bold statement. Remember, over-sized and dramatic is the key.

Embrace pattern in this year. Mix and match all types of patterns when it comes to wallpaper, furniture, carpeting or decorative accents in your living room. Don’t worry if the patterns don’t match, using different patterns will just make your space more unique.

Color, color and more color! Take dull, muted hues and brighten them. Make your living room an energetic and cheery space.