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5 Types of House Siding to Consider

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If you are looking for siding material for installing on your home then don’t fret. That is because we have you covered in this regard. Below are mentioned five Sidings that you really should consider for your home:

1, Vinyl Siding:

This is the most used and installed siding material in the region of the United States and Canada. The installation of Vinyl siding from Ideal Siding Edmonton is very simple and economical. This siding doesn’t require much in the way of maintenance either and is available in numerous designs and colors.


  • Highly affordable
  • It is fabricated so it can imitate the more expensive siding
  • Appropriate for different styles of architecture


  • It doesn’t as long-lasting as other more costly siding materials
  • Prone to cracking, fading or falling apart with time
  • It is possible that this siding won’t appear aesthetically pleasing once it has been installed
  • It isn’t capable of being recycled and is detrimental for the environment

2, Engineered Wood:

Engineered Wood Siding is a relatively new entry in the market and has been around for just 20 years. It has still gained much popularity amongst homeowners and builders alike. The best part about this siding is that while it provides the appearance of wood, it is bereft of the lofty maintenance and installation costs.


  • It is a long-lasting siding
  • Very little maintenance
  • It exudes a genuine and authentic wooden aesthetic
  • It is environmentally friendly since it’s been made from recycled wooden materials


  • There are variations to be expected in the quality of this product
  • It can be beset by rot or mold as it retains moisture

3, Aluminum Siding:

While it seems that Aluminum Siding and its fashion waned some 20 years ago, it is still used frequently by many homeowners and builders alike. That is because this is an economical and low-maintenance siding option. It is mostly used in shotgun, ranch, and contemporary styled houses.


  • It is suitable for coastal ambiance and can weather the salty air easily
  • Doesn’t break down as it doesn’t retain moisture
  • Fire-resistant and insect-proof
  • It can be recycled and is environmentally friendly


  • Repairing this siding can be challenging
  • This siding dents easily

4, Fiber Cement:

This siding is rapidly gaining popularity amongst homeowners and builders due to its impressive durability and versatility when it comes to appearances and aesthetics.

It is created by combining numerous materials like clay, sand, cement and wood pulp. Manufacturers can achieve various appearances and textures with this siding as it is molded.


  • Can imitate anything ranging from clapboard to masonry
  • It doesn’t contract or expand due to changes in the weather
  • It is very resilient when it comes to fire, rot, and infestation by termites


  • It is heavier in comparison to other types of siding
  • It requires a lot of labor and exertion for installation
  • It needs repainting after 15 years
  • Costlier than aluminum or vinyl sidings

5, Stone Veneer:

If you are going for luxury for your home when it comes to siding then this is the one for you. Stone Veneer is very expensive but is still cheaper than using actual stones. It can be manufactured in a manner to imitate numerous natural stones in appearance.


  • It is lighter than real stones
  • Requires less preparation for the foundation
  • It requires little exertion and labor in installation


  • Very expensive
  • If you buy low-quality stone veneer then it will not have the appearance of real stone