Interior Design

5 Subliminal Fall Decorating Tips

As autumn approaches its natural to want to pull out all of the fall trimmings. Use these tips to seasonally decorate your home, without taking it over the top.

Wood offers a warm, fall-like feel. Whether your fireplace is wood-burning or not, pile wooden logs in front of it or next to it for an immediate comfort.

As fall swoops in and flowers become scarce, replace the flowers in your vases with tall wooden twigs of all shapes. You can even include some twigs with colored leaves on them for a more colorful look.As the cold weather rolls around, so does the rain and the snow. Pull out a worn wooden coat and hat rack for some old-fashioned fall style.

Candles are also an excellent fall touch. Instead of just regular standing candles, find dramatic votives to increase the drama of the look.

As the temperatures drop, you’ll want to find a way to stay warm. Throw blankets are the perfect solution. But pick blankets that are cable-knit, or faux fur, to stick with the cold weather vibe.