5 Stylish Bathroom Trends

The bathroom is one of the most neglected rooms in the house, style-wise. But it doesn’t have to be an afterthought, designing a nice bathroom will add over-style to your home.

It certainly doesn’t hurt to live by the ocean with a beach themed bathroom, but you don’t necessarily have to. This look will add a casual relaxed vibe to your home no matter where it is. This look is also very easy to achieve. Use a blue and green or nude color scheme and throw in some sea shells for an accent.

Traditional does not mean boring or design-less. When it comes to bathroom design, traditional means elegant, standard showers and sinks. Add in a few flourishes of flare.

Create a warm and cozy bathroom by using deep rich colors, and lots of wood. Some lit candles add a lovely touch to this type of bathroom environment.

Design your bathroom with light colors to really brighten up the space. Whites, yellows, lavenders and greens are all very nice and refreshing for a bathroom.

Make your bathroom appear larger than it is with a monochromatic theme. A monochromatic color scheme will also add elegance to your bathroom. Tie in little bits of other colors with colored soaps, flowers, or other small details to gently infuse other colors.