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5 Reasons To Paint Your Walls Gray

Gray is by far the hottest new “in” color. While it’s been considered drab in the past, gray is both edgy and timeless at the same time. Gray will meld perfectly with almost any room and style. Here are 5 reasons you should incorporate it into your home!

Gray is both practical, and simple. Psychologists say that gray represents peace and balance. It will give your room an automatic calming effect.

In the home gray is anything but sad and dreary. Gray lends itself as the perfect backdrop to any style, whether it be retro, modern, classic, or anything in between. Most colors pair perfectly with this elegant neutral color. For an eye-catching combo try gray and pink.

Different shades of gray will also give your room completely different feels. Try a light gray for a soft, more feminine look. Dark, strong grays are bold and more masculine. Mix and layer all different shades of gray for a layered look.

There are an infinite number of grays to try. All grays have different undertones, and pick up different colors completely differently. Most often grays have undertones of pinks, blues, lavenders and greens. Add a few accents in those colors to the room to bring the undertones out strongly.

If you want other elements in your room design to shine, but don’t want boring white or taupe walls, gray is also the color for you. A subtly hint of gray will both keep the room interesting, and move to the background, allowing other home design pieces to steal the spotlight.