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5 Reading Nook Necessities

Nothing says fall like getting warm and cozy indoors with a good book. Create a reading nook in your home that will make flipping page to page an absolute pleasure.

The ‘nook’ in reading nook  implies that it should be a small, enclosed space. Ideally, choose a secluded spot with a covering at the top to give you a cave-like feel.

The purpose of a reading nook is to read books, so choose a space with access to lots of them! Installing some shelving under the nook to store your books is a great space-saving way to do so. If you have the room and ability, create your nook right next to a book shelf.

Throw blankets will take your nook to a new level. You’ll need something to keep you warm as the temperature outside begins to drop. Choose soft and warm materials like faux fur so you can really cuddle up.

Let your reading material take you to another world by giving yourself the ability to completely close yourself off from your surroundings. Curtains will not only add a warm touch to your nook, but allow you to immerse yourself in what you are reading.

Lighting is another aspect that will make a true difference in your space. Choose a chandelier for an elegant touch, or sweet string lights for a delicate, welcoming appeal.