5 Places For A Discreet Mini Office

Not every house has space for a room that can be designated to work alone,  but a home office can be integrated into almost any room. The key is to make the dual purposes of the room cohesive.

A spare bedroom is the perfect room to add a spare office to. Unless you frequently host guests overnight for long periods of time, it will provide you a quiet workspace. Use a pull out desk so you can easily put your work materials safely away when you have company and a sleeper sofa in order to get the most out of your space.

A living room is another option for a dual home office.  Make sure that you keep the warm, welcoming air of a well-designed living room. Also, match the style of your home office to that of the living room. If you have a formal living room, use an elegant, antique desk.

If you can afford the space, walk in closets make for excellent home offices due to their quiet nature. Just shut the doors, and block out all the noise. The obstacles with this choice are closets rarely have natural lighting. Install a tube light to illuminate the room.

A dual family room/ home office has both advantages and disadvantages. Kids spend a lot of time in family rooms so using the space as an office as well will allow for more interaction with your little ones. However, this option is far noisier and more distracting, and it may be more difficult to get work done.

Every family kitchen should contain a mini-office. It can be as simple as a drawer organizing system that holds things from writing utensils to the checkbook. If you can afford the space, set the “office” up in a cabinet so it’s easy to access and can be closed behind doors.

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