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5 Key Mudroom Components

Don’t let your mudroom become a hectic catchall for winter gear, shoes and boots. Implement these components to keep your mudroom organized, efficient and well designed.

If space permits, there is one design element that all mudrooms should have: a bench. Use it for putting on shoes or setting down bags. You will find this to be one of the most useful elements of your mudroom.

Design your mudroom with kids in mind. Cubbies with hooks and compartments underneath them for shoes make it very easy for children to keep their items organized, and will improve the overall organization of your mudroom.

Coat hooks are much easier than hangers for storing outerwear. Plus, you can use them to store purses, hats, and bag packs as well. These hooks will reduce the clutter in your mudroom tremendously, and keep your items cleaner by getting them off the floor.

Double the function of your mudroom by adding a desk and creating a home office. You could also use the desk for sewing or crafts to keep messy projects out of the main portion of your house.

Some of the most common things to find in a mudroom are washers and dryers. Maximize the use of the mudroom by installing a large counter space. That way, you can wash and fold your laundry in the same room.