5 Interesting Colors For Kitchen Cabinets

When it comes to kitchen cabinets, there’s no need to stick to plain wood. Step out of the box with an interesting color!

Antique white is a classic color that blends well with all styles. It has the advantage of both warming up and brightening a kitchen at once. Mix and match it with other colors for a more interesting look. It’s also less likely to smudge than a regular white!

Washed blue kitchen cabinets will give your kitchen a calm, country charm. Stain worn cabinets with a blue washed stain to bring life to your kitchen. For a subtle look choose a subdued blue, or if you’re looking for an energetic look choose a bright blue like cobalt, or turquoise.

To make a bold statement, go all the way with a vibrant red. The bright pop of color is sure to warm up your kitchen. Warm oak and marble blend beautifully with this color.

Buttery yellow cabinets will give your kitchen a uniquely fresh look. This timeless color blends perfectly with all wood tones and highlights other washed colors like blue or green. Buttery yellow cabinets will always look in style.

If you’re looking to bring peace into a busy kitchen, sage cabinets are the choice for you. These cabinets bring the tranquility of the outdoors into your kitchen. Mix darker greens with accents such as vases, or dish towels to add a pop of color.