Apartments Design

5 Hot Home Decorating Trends

Every season, as tired trends move to the back burner, new trends rise to take their place. From paint colors to home accents, these are the home decorating trends that will dominate!

While metals have been popular for many seasons past, this season’s focus will be brass. Don’t limit yourself to the kitchen, you can incorporate this warm metal in your home design in many different ways. For example, give a brass tub a try.

Bright and vibrant colors will replace pastels and muted hues. Adding pops of saturated colors to your walls or furniture will bring energy and warmth to your home.

Art is in. Whether it be traditional paintings or abstract pieces, in 2014 the bigger the better. Create a focal point out of your art either with its size or placement in the room. Don’t be afraid to go bold, art made out of unusual materials is also both beautiful and attention drawing.

Enough with the plain, this season turn to elegant and graceful fabrics. Standard fabrics will be replaced with lavish fabrics such as velvet and silk. This goes for all rooms, try a silk bedspread, or velvet pillows to add an elegant flare to your living space.

This season, the older the better. Look for old, period pieces to mix in with your new furniture to give your room an interesting look. Antique furniture is not only aesthetically pleasing, but also usually handmade and of superior quality.