5 Famous Movie Kitchens

Recognize these kitchens? We’re sure if you’ve seen them before you haven’t forgotten them. From Southern retro to classic French, these 5 films have kitchen style worth copying.

1. When I saw It’s Complicated, the only thing that distracted me from Meryl Streep’s flawless performance, was her character’s flawless kitchen. The kitchen manages to feel both professional and comfortable. The kitchen features industrial lighting, open shelving, and a gorgeous marble island.

2. In Father Of The Bride, Diane Keaton and Steve Martin share a gorgeous colonial-style kitchen. Towering Windsor chairs surround a farm-style table. Butcher block counter tops, open glass counter tops, and an island with pots hanging on top of it complete the look. Many scenes in the movie take place in this kitchen…maybe because it’s so attractive.

3. It’s no surprise that the set kitchen in Julie And Julia starring Meryl Streep and Amy Adams is of superior quality. The set designer spent three months perfecting the look. And with the perfect mix of blue-green, 1960′s appliances, and peg board, it truly is perfect.

4. It may be a cartoon kitchen, but a French chef was hired to help perfectly replicate a French kitchen for the movie Ratatouille. Inspired by Parisian restaurants Guy Savoy, Le Train Bleu and Taillevent, the kitchen features copper pots, a black and white octagon pattern floor, and brushed brass appliances.

5. The Retro kitchen design in Oscar-nominated film The Help breathes the 1950′s. The vinyl checkered floor, cherry red seating and green Formica table complete an unforgettable look.