5 Bathroom Designs From Around The Globe

Looking to update your bathroom? Borrow accents from different cultures around the globe to give your bathroom a unique and interesting look.

If you’re looking for a clean and elegant look, Asian design is your answer. The use of natural elements in Asian design such as smooth stones, bamboo, and rice paper will give your bathroom a calming feel.

For an elegant look, turn to Middle Eastern Design such as a Moroccan style bathroom . With clean and bright tones, colorful tiles, and intricate architecture, your bathroom will be anything but boring.

Benefit from European design by incorporating porcelain, delicate patterns and muted tones into your bathroom. These accents are sure to give your room a classic look. Add some elegant lighting fixtures if you are looking for an even more extravagant look.


Spice up your bathroom with a Spanish inspired look. The traditional Spanish colors are sure to bring energy to the room no matter what size. Combine tiles, wood, and warm tones to give your room an international Spanish feel.

Coat your bathroom with either stone or wood and you’ll feel like you’ve stepped into the country every time you step into the shower. The head to toe wood or stone will give your bathroom a warm cave-like feel that will make using it an unforgettable experience each time.