Window Design

Window Designs

Heavy brocade curtains with tray ceilings bring out a magnificent look in order to complement the formal dining room. The floor to almost ceiling windows with wood panels placed symmetrically on the corners of the wall incorporate silk drapery with fabrics which could hold back the curtains for allowing the natural light to flow in.

This window design can also be transformed into a multifunctional door which would look brilliant as it would lead to the backyard or the magnificent patio.

Sheer drapery for your daughters room could be integrated within the shades of pink; which is a design reflecting the interests and lifestyle of teenage girls.

Contrasting carpeting and bed fabric is another smart move for a cohesive environment. Luxe- fabrics are a major stakeholder in defining the window treatments over small windows in the kitchens with no panels. They are exactly as they sound; opulent and give a feeling that begs them to be touched.

Sparkling crystal incorporated with beaded tassels would surely bring a royal look complementing your Victorian styled furnishings. Grommet heading with rings inserted can be complemented by striped patterned curtains for a neat and clean solution.

This idea is well known for its simplicity and relation to minimalism. Valances will be the top most priorities for customers because of its capability to hide hardware which they deem as ugly or unattractive.

Windows that are a part of your bedroom and upon up to the backyard are the most relied upon option for attracting beauty and what not! Place some armchairs in the outdoors for an aesthetic feel.