Entrance Design

Entrance Trends

Entrances are just as important as the dining and bedrooms, as they determine the first impression of your house. Your entrance is a very crucial part of the house, because its design ties the whole color and architectural scheme together.

You should always remember to be open-minded about the space you work with and no longer let floor plans and colors dictate the arrangement of your room.

One can opt for the traditional look or at times the more casual, eclectic or modern theme. Many people usually complain about how there entrances are very cramped and there isn’t much that can be done with a small space.

Always remember that it isn’t the size of the space that counts, but how you use it! A small area can be given the illusion of spaciousness by using lighter hues, such as those of blue and green, which would in turn create a very relaxing atmosphere.

You need to remember that an entrance should never be crowded and that less is more when it comes to designing. Memorable rooms like memorable people have distinct personalities.

In decorating ‘personality’ means the overall statement a rooms makes, the feelings it evokes when you enter and what it says to you about the people who live there.

Hence your entrance should never be portraying too much, but just a little bit of your personality.