Window Design

Bar Styles

Contemporary bar styles are offering whatever it takes to have precision in little details for incorporating the taste of people who live in it. As media rooms, home office, swimming pools have increased their popularity and must-to-have facility in their home; similarly the addition of home bars have become an important aspect to ponder over for many!

The exquisite color of white could bring your bar to extreme brilliance when unique architecturally cutwork in your wall behind could incorporate tall vases of different colors. A black bar with integrated yellow Led lighting and stylish stools brings the whole concept to life.


Bar designs give an option for you to sit back in home, call your friends for a funky and fun-filled night retreat. A vivid theme of 70’s incorporated with modernistic hardware makes it a wonderful eclectic theme.

Black and bright red palette combination within sofas, stools and cabinets, walls etc could bring out a look filled with a cheery sound.

Polka dot design upon the bar with integrated Led light illuminating some dots could complement the rustic wooden floor and stainless steel bar accents.

Another design for the upcoming year is when you would have the chance to mix brilliant stone with mouthwatering treats.

Engraving a modernistic bar with stainless steel appliances, latest touch technology, crystal ball pendant lights within stone might just be the focal point for guests to adore.