Lighting Fixtures

15 Stunning Chandeliers

Chandeliers add an automatic elegant quality to any room you put them in. Don’t confine yourself to the standard multiple tiered chandeliers you’re accustomed to. These days chandeliers are being produced in all sorts of interesting shapes, designs, and even colors.

This elongated chandelier is absolutely gorgeous. Its size is suited perfectly to the dining room table, creating the perfect focal point.This spherical chandelier is modern, simple and elegant. Its so modern, it has an almost futuristic feel to it. It takes the somewhat average design of the room to a completely different level.Chandeliers do not necessarily need to be made of clear crystal. This unique, black chandelier adds a dramatic kick to the room, and picks up the black trim in the pillows.Blown glass chandeliers are becoming more and more popular. Glass of all shapes can be combined to create an eye-catching piece of art, and lighting fixture at the same time.While chandeliers are most commonly found in dining rooms and living rooms, kitchen chandeliers are a hot emerging trend.This turquoise and chartreuse chandelier brings a fun pop of color into the room while remaining classy at the same time. The rest of the room is designed in a very traditional manner, yet the chandelier still fits in perfectly.