15 Head-Turning Headboards

Your bed is naturally the focal point of your bedroom, as it is the largest piece of furniture, and often centered in the middle of the room. Make it something worth looking at, by incorporating an unusual headboard.

While it’s certainly not rare to find a cloth headboard, usually they are single-toned and of a neutral color. Make a headboard out of an interesting fabric that will add to your room’s color scheme.

Choose a headboard made out of an interesting material, such as the headboard pictured below. Choosing a material like leather will add drama to your design, and complement the other style elements in your room.

For a truly creative look, create a headboard out of an unexpected object. A fireplace mantel is the perfect size for a headboard, and is not something you see on a regular basis.

Old and interesting looking doors also happen to make the perfect headboards. The more interesting the door, the more interesting the design. This designer used old worn, white barn doors as a headboard, and paired it with an elegant chandelier for contrast.

Screens also make excellent headboards. Seeing as they are large, they make a large visual impact. Choose your screen first, and then style the rest of the room around it.