15 Dream Bathtubs

Are you a bath lover? Regardless if you believe you are or not, these tubs will certainly turn you into one. Add one of these to your bathroom to make it truly unforgettable.

For a unique bathtub material, look to a crystal. Installed lights under the tub will reflect through the crystal producing a warm glow. This beautiful tub is certain to make every experience in it magical.

Bathrooms don’t necessarily have to be the smallest room in the house. Try placing your bath center-stage in a large room. Placing your tub in a large open space will make the room feel less claustrophobic and more relaxing.

Try an indoor Jacuzzi  to give your tub a dual purpose. The added Jacuzzi feature will have your room feeling more like a spa than a bathroom. Add an indoor artificial fireplace to take that spa feeling over-the-top.

Turn to a stone tub for a completely natural look. Set the tub atop even more stones to emphasize the natural material. Setting this type of tub against an open back drop that looks outside will make taking a bath serene.


Wooden tubs are a pleasure to use. These tubs will meld perfectly with the natural surroundings of your home, and provide you a quiet refuge from the frantic pace of life.