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15 Crafty Craft Rooms

Anyone who’s done a craft or DIY project knows how messy they can get. If you engage in crafting frequently, its worth it to carve out some space in your home dedicated to it. Here’s some inspiration for creative and organized craft rooms.

If you don’t have much room to dedicate to crafting, don’t fret. You can create a DIY space anywhere in the house, including the attic.

Tired of searching through crumpled wrapping paper just to struggle to find room to do your gift wrapping? A wrapping paper dispenser is an excellent addition to any craft room, and will allow you to wrap your gifts with ease.Organized storage is the key to a functioning craft room. Not only will the room get messy in a heart beat without adequate storage, it will also be hard to locate your crafting materials.

Your craft room is meant to be a fun, creative space. Take this vibe one step further by installing a chalk wall with chalk paint. Have all of your ideas displayed boldly in front of you to help move along your creative process.

If you want a craft room, but want to maintain a consistent elegant design throughout your home, hope is not lost. You can incorporate stylish design elements into your craft room as well.