15 Bedroom Accent Walls

Add some spice to your bedroom with an accent wall. Whether you’re looking for a calm atmosphere or a playful environment, a single wall of color will do the touch without overwhelming your space.

Red is the color of love and passion. This powerful color will add a warm touch to your room. The benefit of using it on just wall is the deep color will add energy to your room without making it too dark.

Chartreuse is a color that simply radiates energy and brightens your mood. Too much might leave you with a headache, but a touch of chartreuse will leave your room glowing.

Your bedroom will seem more like a sanctuary with a soothing blue. The combination of a calm blue wall with white walls and accents is absolutely serene.

Gray is a go-to neutral color because of its strong yet soothing nature. One gray wall will add dimension to your room while keeping it elegant.Pink is a happy and warm color that adds spunk to any space. Stick with one wall when applying the color and go as bright or as bold as you please.

Brown is a color that is not frequently used when it comes to wall color because it is so dark. However, a brown accent wall adds a classic feel to your master bedroom that is not achieved with other, brighter colors.