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10 Ways To Maximize Your Kitchen Space

You have to fit a lot into a kitchen. You need to find places for your plates, your silverware, your nice china that you bring out for special occasions, your BBQ tools, your pots and pans, your special cooking tools, your cook books, and then there’s all the food! Here are some nifty storage designs that can help you maximize your kitchen and make staying organized so much easier!


1. Corners in kitchens can really minimize your drawer space. But modern designers have found a solution! Instead of splitting the corner into two small drawers, they have found a way to maximize your corner by making custom drawers to fit it!

2. Check this pantry out! They’ve maximized their shelf space, added extra storage bins on the floor under the shelves, and hung metal baskets off the wall to take advantage of all the pantry space they had! These hanging baskets take up very little space, and can really hold their own.

3. This large drawer has made organizing and keeping clean easy by making dividers within the drawer for your different tools!

4. No more electronic clutter on your kitchen counters! Keep your counters clean and orderly by building a custom closet to house all your electronics.  You can insert plugs for them on the wall behind the cupboard, and even add shelves around to help organize.

5. This thin, roll out, stand up Spice Racks are conveniently placed near the stove and due to their thinness, do not take up other drawer or cupboard space. Using up vertical space in this clever way can make room for so many other utensils elsewhere! It also helps you keep your spices organized and ready to go right where you’re cooking.

Note: these slide out cupboards come in all shapes and sizes and can be placed all around your kitchen to make your cooking materials more easily accessible, organized, and take up less room!


6. These cupboards have fold-able inside shelving. This also maximizes your food storage space. It gives you three times the storage space and makes it easier to find everything! Instead of reaching into those deep cupboards, everything is right there in front of you

7. Here you can see a silverware drawer with two levels. This is great because you can fit in your daily silverware and your special-occasions silverware without taking up too many drawers.

8. In many modern kitchens there are spaces under the sink that look like functional drawers but are not because of the plumbing of the sink. Here is a great idea to keep your dish washing materials at hand’s reach but out of your guests’ eye!

9. Speaking of sinks and storage, here is another great build-in idea for taking advantage of under the sink space. This built in drawer makes it simpler for you to store more things under your fridge and avoid leaning in too deep and reaching for cleaning supplies you kept in the back. With this easy slide out tray, you can reach any supply quickly and without a mess.

10. Organization tools made of metal are cheap, light, and can be designed in great ways to fit your needs. Look at this turning shelving unit inside your cupboard! It keeps everything so accessible and organized!


Look through our Photo Gallery Below to see some more great ideas