10 Wacky Bedrooms Of Your Wildest Dreams

These bedrooms are wild, creative, and absolutely out of this world. They just leave us with one question…who thought of these?

1. You’ll be sleeping with the fish in this underwater tunnel bed. This bedroom may make you feel like you’re in an aqua paradise… or a scene from Jaws…

2. This garden shed bedroom brings everything out in the open. Waking up surrounded by nature would be a delight. We just hope this bedroom is in a secluded area…

3. Feng Shui lovers who believe in removing technology from the bedroom would certainly scorn at this one. This bedroom will have you feeling like you’re sleeping in a blue, glowing computer chip.

4. This bedroom takes the phrase “morning dip” to a new level. Just step out of bed, and dive right into your pool. Do not try to re-create this bedroom if you sleepwalk…

5. If you’ve just started a family and are in your nesting phase, this bed is perfect for you. Literally provide your little ones a nest with this nest themed bed.

6. This rock-filled, caveman bedroom will have you feeling like you’re right out of the Flinstones.

7. This serene aquarium bedroom is absolutely tranquil and relaxing. If you’re lucky, maybe you’ll find Nemo while relaxing in bed.

8. Does this bedroom look normal to you? Look again. This suspended box bedroom will provide you your own secluded haven, unless you’re afraid of heights.

9. A bedroom fit for Two-Face, this half graffiti, half white bedroom is certainly eye-catching.

10. Fit for any food or condiment lover, this sandwich themed bedroom just might inspire you to get a midnight snack.