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10 Trendiest Paint Colors This Season

Each season, colors cycle in and out. This season, these are the colors that will dominate.

1. Aqua Chiffon is both a calm and playful color. Perfect as an accent, it adds light to any room you put it in.

2. Teal is a gorgeous, deep blue that would look great in a bedroom or living room. We’re seeing lots of teal on the runway, bring it into your home as well.

3. Charcoal Gray is the “it” elegant color of the season. If you’re moving away from bright colors, charcoal gray is definitely the way to go.4.Light Gray also has the class of charcoal version, but its a lighter version. If you would like your room to have a slightly more airy feel, this is the choice for you.5. Cedar Green is a much more saturated green than we’re used to seeing in home design. It will give your room a balanced feel, as well as energy.6. Hyacinth is a gorgeous color that could fit most rooms. Purple is stepping into the spotlight, and this is a grayed version that isn’t overwhelming for those new to the color.

7. Forsythia Blossom is a high energy yellow, that will bring happiness and cheer to your space. Do not use this color on a master bedroom, try it in more open and lit spaces like a kitchen or sun room.8. Maple has a rich, leathery look that will elevate the style in any room you place it in. We love this color for living rooms or offices.

9. Turquoise. We LOVE turquoise. It’s a beautiful and happy color that will make you feel like you’re some place tropical. Incorporate it into any room you please.10. Sky Blue is a clear and fresh color that will bring a different clean feel to your rooms. It’s a very positive color that will leave you feeling happy and motivated.