10 Terrific Kids Bathroom Designs

Do you have young children whose bathroom experience you want to make enjoyable? Here are some fun, creative kids bathroom designs and ideas you can add to your home!


1. A fun themed paint color on the walls can do wonders! The separate sinks can help prevent spitting wars over the sink, and the many well located towels help keeps hands dry. We also loved the themed trash can touch.

2. A colorful shower curtain or rug can add so much to a bathroom! And it is easily changeable once the kids grow older.

3. Bright colors and eclectic shapes for the bathroom make it more fun and exciting.

4. Every kids bathroom needs step stools to help the kids reach the sink while they are still growing…And these are GREAT! Roll out stools means that they roll back in when other people wash their hands, and are well concealed, but are always there for the vertically challenged.

You can also get fun colorful stools to add more brightness and fun to a room.

5. Sometimes it might be good to paint a fun design, but keep the bathroom neutral for when the children grow up. This could be the perfect bathroom for teenagers.

6. Colorful rugs are fun but also slip-safe.

7. Written wall decor is fun for every bathroom. It can also play as incentive to learn to read for those small ones, and can bring a smile to your face.


8. Kid-friendly hangers (fun shaped and at their height) and toilet holders are more fun to use!


9. Murals can be calm, discrete,useful, and add a lot of character to any bathroom.

10. This bathroom has great bright colors, a stool, and low hangers for an easy reach. This bathroom makes it easy to grow up an independent bathroom user!

For more fantastical ideas, flip through our photo gallery!