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10 Superb Small Office Spaces!

Do you really need a work space but just feel like you do not have the room for it?

Well here are some solutions other people came up with that you can look through for inspiration!


1. The Inset part of a bedroom wall can be turned into a great work space.

2. This designer created the illusion that the office is bigger than it is by placing an image of a bookcase on the way. They also saved organization space and post its by putting up a chalkboard on the wall.

3. The closet office is a great solution.

4. Check out this designer’s clever placement of a curtain!

5. You can place an office in a hallway to maximize space.

6. You can maximize space by purchasing a roll out desk you can roll in when not in use.

7. You can create a great office within a walk-in closet.

8.  You can create a space with the room you have under the stairs…

9. An extension of a counter in a kitchen be turned into a work space corner.

10.  Then there’s the trusty cupboard office! Pull up a chair to your hidden work corner and start working, and close up when the guests arrive!

Love these ideas? Check out some more in our photo gallery below!