10 Simply Luxurious Bathroom Designs

Bathrooms may be the smallest rooms in the house, but they can also be the most luxurious. Incorporate some of these bathroom remodels and create your own bathroom paradise.

1. Take your bathroom under the sea. Recycled glass tile will give your bathroom an underwater appearance. Choose tiles in greens and blues to take the look all the way.

2. Subway tile will add a traditional feel to your bathroom, but the look never gets old. Choose a light colored tile and pair it with a vibrant wall color.

3.  Go bold with your bathroom. A small powder room is the perfect place for a dramatic color.

4. More is better when it comes to shower heads. Build a multi-head shower for a luxurious experience each time you step in.

5. Turn your bathroom into a spa with a steam shower. Steam showers are highly relaxing, and on top of it all, great for your skin.

6. Bring Glamorous lighting into your bathroom for an unexpected touch. A small crystal chandelier will bring an air of elegance to your space.

7.Give your bathroom a high-tech feel with a TV. This design element is perfect for bathrooms with tubs so you can lay back and relax as you watch it.

8. A fireplace in your bathroom will not only look elegant, but bring in a romantic touch. The flickering flames will certainly relax you as you slip in for a bath.

9. There’s no feeling worse than stepping out of a hot shower onto the icy cold bathroom floors of winter. In-floor heating will keep you toasty and warm, and is actually a highly cost-effective heating method.

10. Do you ever feel trapped in your shower? Make your bathroom feel spa-like by removing your shower door, and opening up the space.