10 Hollywood Female Celebrity Bedrooms

Have you ever wondered where celebrities like Jessica Simpson, Halle Berry and Jennifer Aniston lay their heads at night? So have we. Take a peak into the bedrooms of some of the leading ladies of Hollywood.

1. Jennifer Aniston’s master bedroom in Beverly Hills, California could not look more inviting with warm glowing lights and velvet pillows.

2. Jessica Simpson’s Beverly Hills Bedroom has a calm, elegant feel with a crystal chandelier and long draping turquoise curtains.

3. Christina Aguilera’s Master Bedroom is also located in Beverly Hills. This bedroom is dramatic and bold with a black and red canopy bed, and fur carpeting.

4. Hillary Duff’s Bedroom In Toluca Lake California is open and has a traditional, laid back feel.

5. Pamela Anderson’s Malibu Paradise is clean and completely open, with clean lines and crisp colors.

6. Kim Kardashian’s Bel-Air, California Master Bedroom is tranquil and composed of a nude palette, mainly of taupe, light greens and light yellows.

7. Sarah Jessica Parker’s bedroom in Greenwich Village, New York has a homey feel with wooden furniture and a built in fireplace for those cold New York nights.

8. Halle Berry’s Beverly Hills hideaway is warm and elegant with a dangling chandelier and warm hues of yellow and orange.

9. Cher’s Los Angeles Bedroom looks like its right out of a Middle-Eastern resort with its interesting carved wall piece and embroidered pillows.

10. Suzanne Somer’s master suite in Palm Springs is plushy and white with a tall, simple canopy bed, white seating, and wood walls.