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10 Greatest Small Space Designs

Do you live in a cramped apartment or small house? That does not mean your house cannot be beautiful and chic like any other! Check out these great small space designs other people did for their small spaces.


1. This old and small kitchen got some charm to it with the old fashioned jugs, the accents, and the decorations.

2. This kitchen’s shelving and magnetic knife holder are great because clever storage is crucial for small spaces.

3. Adding a corner office into an extension of a counter is great use of space when you do not have a lot of it.

4. Roll out and foldable furniture are great solutions in tight spaces. Look at this roll out desk in this home office! It can be part of a hallway when not in use and rolled in, but extremely useful extra work-space when rolled out.

5. Just because this room is small does not mean it cannot have character and style! What this room lacks in space, it makes up in fun.

6. This living room uses shelving, light furniture, and storage space to make the most out of the limited space available.

7. This bathroom has an inset sink, a toilet, and a shower all in one narrow space. The clean design and clever placement, as well as the small wall inset, make everything fit well.

8. Light furniture and white colors make a room look more spacious than it is. The full wall of glass window helps too.

9. We love the reflective surfaces and use of color in this bathroom. It contains everything you need in a bathroom, in a compact space, and seems bright and inviting.

10.  You can create a home office work space anywhere – and this designer proves it! Look at this hole in the wall, specially designed bookcase that has space for a roll out keyboard!


For more great designs, check out our photo gallery below!