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10 Gorgeous Bedroom Chandeliers

Chandeliers in the bedroom are now popular for rooms of all types of styles, no matter whether it’s traditional or modern. These 10 bedroom chandeliers pull off the look without a flaw.

We LOVE the look below. The elegant chandelier paired with the antique door headboard creates a beautiful contrast of old and new.

This softly lit chandelier sets off the nude tones in the room. It’s understated nature fits the rest of the style in the room perfectly.

Chandeliers can be the perfect touch for a feminine room. If you’re going for this look, choose a dainty chandelier of a medium size, and stick to crystal.

If you’re not interested in the regal or feminine design, you can choose a chandelier that will give your space a quirky and modern touch.

Chandeliers don’t necessarily equate femininity. There are chandeliers that can actually contribute to the masculine design of a bedroom. Take the one below for example.