Home Design

10 Foolproof Color Combos

In a world with endless options, choosing the right color combinations for your home can seem overwhelming. Don’t distress, you can never go wrong with these classic palettes.

1. Yellow and blue: Like peanut butter and jelly, these two colors are the perfect pair. As primary colors, they have an elementary quality that makes it impossible to find two shades of either one that don’t work well together.

2. Black and white: This dramatic duo has been in style for years and will continue to be. Black and white will give your room a contemporary feel. Mix in accents of whatever colors you choose for some flare.

3. Pink and green: Don’t steer away from this combo because of its preppy stereotype. Use multiple shades of each color and leave your room looking sophisticated.

4. Turquoise and Red: For a bold look, try turquoise and red. These two colors are almost opposite each other on the color wheel. The result of pairing them is a sharp contrast that does not overwhelm.

5. Navy and white: Navy jeans and a white t-shirt will never go out of style, and neither will a navy and white room. While you can use these colors to create a conventional nautical theme, adding in eclectic accents will give the color pair a new spin.

6. Yellow and gray: These two hues could not be more opposite, but they work perfectly as a team. A cheery yellow brightens up a somber gray, and gray tones down yellow to keep it from overwhelming.

7. Red and beige: These colors share a warm natural undertone. Red adds a bold edge to calm beige for a rich space.

 8.  Blue and orange: These two colors are directly opposite each other on the color wheel, which by definition means they go well together. If bright orange and blue are too much for you, opt for softer versions of the colors.

9. Chocolate and lavender: Deep chocolate and pale purple accent each other perfectly. Choose a pastel lavender, and give your home a warm feel.

10. Gold and Gray: This color pair is both striking and rich. Both gold and gray are elegant colors, and the combination of them is simply hard to beat.