Home Design

10 Easy Home Upgrades

Updating your home design is something that’s necessary every once in a while. Here are 10 ways to do it, without putting a huge dent in your wallet.

1. A fireplace is a great place to start if you’re looking to update your look. It usually is the focal point of the room, and if not, you can decorate it in a manner that will make it the focal point. The accents that you place around it can completely change your room’s look.

2. Dress your bed in all white linens for a fresh, Hampton-esque look. All white has a fresh quality about it that will also make you feel like you’re sleeping in a puffy cloud.

3. Paint your closet your favorite color! Customizing unexpected spaces in your home is a great way to amp up your overall home style.

4. Install a wind chime, or shell chandelier. Placing one of these somewhere in your home where a breeze can reach them will add a calming sound anytime some wind blows through.

5. Bring the garden indoors. Cutting fresh flowers and plants from your yard and giving them a place in your home will add life to your home design.

6. Set up an outdoor room! It doesn’t matter where, just create a livable space outdoors. Not only does it look unique, it will allow you to enjoy the fresh air more frequently.

7. Sometimes giving your room the update it needs is as simple as hanging a mirror. Mirrors both spread light, and make rooms look larger than they actually are.

8. De-clutter, de-clutter, de-clutter! We don’t mean clean up, remove all of the elements that aren’t adding anything to the room, and your space will look a lot more chic.

9. Create a garden indoors. Real greenery inside your home will keep everything feeling fresh.

10. Paint your fireplace either neutrals or a fun color to update your living room look, and add some drama to your design.