Home Design

10 Decorating Secrets Revealed!

No one’s ever told you these 10 design secrets that will make decorating simple as can be and improve your home design tremendously…until now!

1. Pile on the pillows! One pair of pillows just doesn’t cut it. Mix patterns and shapes, when it comes to pillows: the more the better.

2. Get a big bed. Small furniture makes small rooms look even smaller. Purchase a large bed and place it in the center of the room, it will make it look more grand.

3. Open up your armoires and cupboards. Don’t hide away your interesting items, an open cupboard is much more interesting to look at than a closed one.

4. The darker the better. Don’t be fooled, dark colors don’t make small rooms seem oppressive, they actually make them seem larger.

5. Fall in love with wallpaper. Wallpaper is no longer a thing of the past. Use it in your home for a fast and easy way to update your walls.

6. Organize your collectibles. If you want your collections to be displayed, do so in a put-together manner so your overall home design is not negatively impacted.

7. Use a real rug in your bathroom. Persian rugs were built to withstand a lot more than some wet feet, and they look a lot better than bath mats.

8. You don’t need a sofa in your living room. If you have the space, don’t feel you have to stick to convention. Use only armchairs instead for a fun change.

9. Go white. You won’t get tired of a white living room, you’re much more likely to get tired of other colors first.

10. Mix up your styles. You don’t always have to stick to one, sometimes using multiple styles in a room can be more interesting.