Home Design

10 COOLEST Ideas To Make Your Home Awesome

Do you need any of these designs in your home? Absolutely not. Should you incorporate them anyways? Only if you want to have the most amazing home that anyone could dream of…

1.Everyone loves a good movie. Get the full experience every single time, with an amazing outdoor movie theater. Just put the popcorn in the microwave for that buttery scent and you’re good to go.

2. If you want something calm to help you relax as you try to drift off, you have to check out this aquarium headboard. You’ll literally be sleeping with the fish.

3. Need a little more fun in your life? Do your kids? If you have a spiral stair case, create a staircase slide. It will make you want to take the journey up those tedious steps.

4. For all of you pet lovers, this cat transit system is perfect for you. Just the right size for your feline friend, it will keep your beloved pet thoroughly entertained.

5. You will never dread family meals with this swing set table. Simply rock yourself back and forth as you digest your (hopefully) delicious meal.

6.  Warning: This item is not for anyone who is afraid of the dark. Switch off your lights, and turn your room into a haunted forest. Amazing!

7. Everyone loves hammocks. Why not take it one step further and craft a hammock bed? Big enough for you to stretch out on, this hammock is a lounger’s paradise.

8. Take your bathing experience to a whole new level with a see-through bathtub.

9. If you’re afraid of heights, this is not for you. If not, try a glass floor in your bathroom with an open shaft below. Does it have a purpose? No, but it IS unforgettable.10. If you’re looking for more recreational activities in your home, but don’t have the space, get a 2 in 1 dining room table and pool table.