10 Beautifully Blue Bedrooms

Blue is the perfect color for the room where you lay your head at night. Whether its bold, electric, or calm, you will not regret painting your bedroom this color.

When it comes to blue paint, the options are endless…1. Choose a muted blue for a simple and elegant look.2. This blue gray room has a tremendous amount of class . The subtle hints of gold provide a little bit of flare.

3. An interesting way to incorporate blue color in your room is by simply splitting the room in half. Paint the top or bottom half blue. For a subtle look, keep the other half a white or nude color. If you’re willing to go bold, choose a more vibrant color.

4. Blue is an excellent color for both boys and girls rooms. This fun turquoise room would be perfect for children of both sexes.

5. For a serene feel, try a blue green. You can play with how much green you want incorporated in your color.

6. Periwinkle is a gorgeous color, although it is slightly more feminine.

7. Electric bright blue is excellent for children’s and adult rooms alike. Add some lacy curtains for a delicate touch.

8. Deep navy blue is mysterious and elegant. It makes a huge design statement with little other design accents.9. Try painting the color on just one wall for an accent wall.

10. If you’re interested in trying a new design trend at the same time, find a blue wall paper that fits your style and incorporate it into your bedroom.