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10 Awesome Design Ideas For Your Beach House

Here at Beautiful Homes Designs, we find bright, light colors, and wicker furniture fitting the beach house vibe! Check out some of these great looks for your vacation homes by the beach!


1. This living room, aside from having a view of the ocean, has light colors, easy to clean colors, a rug that does show sand, and coral reef themed decor. It is perfect for a beach house.


2. This large, well lit kitchen has fantastic, comfortable wicker chairs that give any kitchen a beach-y touch.



3. The light colors, wooden furniture, and plant decor make for a beach themed bedroom.


4. The light colors and wooden furniture with the great lighting make this bathroom very fitting for your beach home.


5. This living room is light colored, with a wooden table that is all white washed to look like it washed up on a beach and the blue accents and blue tinted lighting coming in – it will make you feel like you never left the beach!


6. The beige overtones along with the wooden frame and large windows makes this room warm and inviting and the doors straight for the outdoors can lead right to your private beach! The parquet floors make for an easy sand clean up.


7. The sea green color with the golden and off white marble make this bathroom look under-the-sea like.



8. The beach themed decor of this room speaks for itself – as does the wicker furniture.


9. The wicker furniture, beige, grey, and white washed wood make this dining room and family area perfect for a beach home design.


10. This kitchen’s sunny yellow color makes it happy, bright, and inviting. Can’t you just see those pancakes being flipped, their doughy smell filling the air after a long morning at the beach?


So for your beach home design, think light and bright, washed wood and wicker – and you have got a winner beach home design!

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