10 Awe-Inspiring Canopy Master Bedrooms

These bedrooms will have you feeling like you’re relaxing in Saint Tropez or Bora Bora rather than in your own home. Canopy beds give your bedroom an automatic resort-like feel.

This simple and elegant canopy is simply tied in a knot and left to sweep gracefully along the sides of the bed. The track lighting on both sides of the bed help create a focal-point.

This Asian-inspired canopy bed consists of overlapping sheer fabric, and a Swarovsky fiber optic lit ceiling. In other words, its magical.

The cream and white palette leaves this room positively dreamy. By completely sticking to this palette, a crisp and fresh look is achieved.

The combination of the canopy and the tranquil wall color in this room create absolute serenity. Part of the charm of this look is the almost accidental feel when it comes to the draping of the canopy.

The open nature of this canopy bed completely melds with the style of the room. The simple wooden frame and understated sheer fabric knotted at the bottom lend this room a calm, relaxed vibe.

The juxtaposition of the hard, dark steel, with one delicately placed strip of white chiffon creates an interesting statement with this elegant canopy.

This muted gray and taupe canopy fits in perfectly with the color scheme of the room. The shortened front and silver tassels give it an added air of sophistication.

This stately canopy bed frame adds to the overall tropical feel of the room. The shimmery purple/blue color of the canopy itself adds an interesting touch.

This canopy bed is simply inviting. The nude and white theme gives the room a very elegant look. The wooden ceiling and worn dresser tone down the frills of the bed frame and antique furniture, creating a perfectly balanced room.

This velvet and satin powder blue canopy is simply majestic. Paired with antique, distressed wood furniture, this master bedroom is fit for royalty.