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Kitchen Design DIY Tips
Tuesday, September 24th 2013 | Kitchen
You can put fridge magnets on your Kitchen fridge to make it look nice and also to put notes on the fridge of things you don’t want to forget. Kitchen curtains can be put up for they beautify your
10 Ways To Maximize Your Kitchen Space
Wednesday, September 18th 2013 | Interior Design, Kitchen, Storage Design
You have to fit a lot into a kitchen. You need to find places for your plates, your silverware, your nice china that you bring out for special occasions, your BBQ tools, your pots and pans, your special cooking
2014 Eclectic Kitchen Designs
Friday, September 6th 2013 | Kitchen
Live, cook and eat in style by renovating your boring and old fashioned kitchen of yesterday. Glazed cabinets and stylish hardware topped up by the beauty of industrial lighting can bring out a look like no other! A double
Kitchen Bar, Counter & Stools Design Ideas
Monday, September 2nd 2013 | Kitchen
For an eclectic look, go with the popular country-styled horseshoe-shaped island with a sweeping countertop. This plan not only allows you for situating a stylish bar setting but also allows for a bird-eyes view to the kitchen preparation area.
Luxury Kitchen Plans
Friday, August 23rd 2013 | Kitchen
Luxury Kitchen Plans are often confused with providing aesthetics more than the area’s functionality. Variety of tiles, colorful palettes and productive storage adds up to great personality and style of your luxurious kitchen. Plan your kitchen with a stroke
Luxurious Kitchen Designs
Wednesday, August 21st 2013 | Kitchen
For those who love to cook, eat and make Kitchen their home certainly should go for ultimate kitchen plans offering luxury and opulence. An ultimate way for a luxurious kitchen designs is first by enlarging its dimensions. Culinary-focused collection
Kitchen Colors 2014
Tuesday, August 13th 2013 | Kitchen
Your ultimate color choices should be based on very personal criteria but the Kitchen Colors for 2014 are more color coordinated instead of just being narrowed down to a few set or range of colors. In picking coordinated patterns,


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