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2014 Bathroom designs

Small Bathroom Designs
Thursday, October 10th 2013 | Bathroom
A Small Bathroom looks nothing but marvelous; with cute fixtures complemented by amazing color palettes. Beachy retreat can be given to your bathroom with the help of coloring your walls with white colors throughout. A circular paneled window just
Simple and Stylish Baths
Thursday, October 10th 2013 | Bathroom
Once a Spartan space defined by necessity, the bathroom has stepped into the home design spotlight. Infused with sensational style and luxurious function, it now starts as a truly personalized living, relaxing and grooming center- a revolution as exciting
Dream Bath Designs
Thursday, October 10th 2013 | Bathroom
Although Bathrooms are one of the smallest rooms in the entire house, but having a fine washroom shouldn’t be a second thought. Since remodeling bathrooms is one of the most valuable home investments. Depending upon the interests of your
Bathtubs Design Ideas
Wednesday, September 4th 2013 | Bathroom
A Bathtub surrounded by gorgeous tiles and floor-to-ceiling windows treated with café-styled shades can certainly bring out a stunning effect. If you’re encircled by nature’s magnificent beauty then chose tub styles which would make you bathe gladly. Raise the
Eclectic Bathroom Design Ideas 2014
Wednesday, August 28th 2013 | Bathroom
If you’re draw towards worn-out pieces and just can’t design a perfectly versatile arrangement of furnishings then take a look at the finest Design Ideas of 2014. Decorate your bathroom with brilliant furnishings and fixtures for you and your
Bathroom Designs 2014
Thursday, August 15th 2013 | Bathroom
Bathroom designs for 2014 focus on class, elegance and beauty. Gone are the days when decorating was only limited to dining and bedrooms. For bathrooms with little space and those cut up by windows consider the diagonal or on-the-diagonal


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