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Room Painting Ideas For Girl’s Room

Wednesday, September 25th 2013. | Interior Design

Frosted Pine is the trendy new color many Girls would love to incorporate if they are somehow diverted from the monotony of the pink girly color. This color is light and decent marking a transitional capability within the future, in order to save time and money.

Cartoon Dinosaurs and Monsters Inc. theme is what many girls love to integrate during their childhood, because of the mere attachment they hold with such animations.

Let this theme be adopted within the folds of the frosted pine wallpaper which could easily permit the entry of stickers, custom bed linens, drapery and what not! Misty summer day is another light color, which could do justice to an elegant girl’s room.

A quiet place where your girl would be prevented from excessive tensions and would always be calmed down by the tranquility of such color.

Your dear princess would always deserve a brilliant shade like Baby Pink incorporated with the newly invented shade of Ballet slippers by the Glidden paints.

Her dream of a castle could become reality through proper planning of incorporating Bed linens with frills, Drapery with silk and a bed with side curtains.

The spring green color is another vibrant and cute color your girl would love; so she could have a sense of playfulness within her mind always! Sun baked orange could be contrasted with such color for adding a colorful outdoor effect within your child’s room.

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