Living Room

Living Room Design Trends

When we talk about Living Room Trends, the first thing that crosses our mind is “chandeliers” yes! The ultimate beauty and a symbol of extravagance and lavishness.

Even with under 250 $ in hand, you can still enhance your living room and dining room with a classy crystal chandelier.

Now, another massive trend is to use patterns in the living room, proper matching and mixing distinct prints will definitely brighten up your living room.

Most of the brilliant designers tend to use 4 different patterns in the living room which is the best option. Using more than 4 can make it look vernacular or ugly.

Use shades of similar color for the patterns, if you choose to opt for different patterns in the same color shade; it will be enough to make your design chic and sophisticated.

Also be careful about the size of the patterns, don’t place patterns of different size close to each other Beige has become a hot trend and is widely being used in living rooms.

Try going for classy beige for interior and walls. Use various shades of beige along with a wide range of textures.

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