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Kitchen Renovation Ideas

Monday, August 19th 2013. | Kitchen

Renovating a Kitchen is one of the most challenging jobs you’ll face as a home decorator. Not only do you have to make it look elegant but it should be efficient and functional as well, because when it comes to a kitchen it’s simply not about how pretty you can make it look.

While planning and renovating your kitchen keep these tips in mind. Allow adequate aisle space, a minimum of 4 feet opposite work areas, and 3 feet elsewhere.

Always remember to plan for ‘hidden’ space users, such as appliance doors that swing open and chairs that must be pulled out for comfortable use.

Also, counter space for work centers: to 42 inches for a mixing center, 12 inches on each side of an island cook top. For two cooks, consider duplicating a few functions, such as adding a small vegetable sink to a kitchen island.

Remember that when it comes to renovation, planning adequate lighting is always crucial.

When it comes to your kitchen you can go for the cylinder lights, mounted on the walls or ceilings, or even in outdoor living areas, down lights have a multipurpose appeal.

They usually feature a glare-reducing baffle, suited to a kitchens needs. You should use them to supplement general illumination. Apart from all that you need to focus on the color scheme you’ll be going for. For small spaces use neutral colors and for large spaces you can work with a variety of hues.

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