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Bathroom Trends 2014

Friday, August 16th 2013. | Bathroom

Gone are the days when having a clean and tidy bathroom was more than enough. Today, Bathrooms are no longer just a utilitarian space; today’s bathroom can be a place of luxury and convenience.

These days underfoot options range from expensive marble floor tile to ceramic tile, to moderately priced tiles, to inexpensive marble-look vinyl.

Carpet always spells luxury but its backing should suit bathroom use. Nowadays, lighting brightens the outlook, and with a dimmer, sets the mood.

Banish freestanding lights that can be knocked over easily, eliminating shock potential. Surround grooming mirrors with localized no-shadow lighting such as warm white fluorescent that flatter morning reflections.

And, if you read in the tub then make sure that the light is right. Walls look new in no time with paint, vinyl wall covering, laminate or wood paneling, mirrored tile, or super-size-fog resistant mirrors.

Coat the wood with protective polyurethane. The bathroom trends of 2014 have started to focus on luxury with durability.

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