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Bathroom Colors 2014

Wednesday, August 14th 2013. | Bathroom


A new ranging trend in 2014 for Bathroom Colors is using sheet vinyl floors, they are not only used because they are a good choice for bathrooms and surfaces likely to get wet, sheet vinyl is more watertight than tiles, it’s easy to install and sheeting comes in inlaid and rot vinyl types, adding to all of that it gives the bathroom a textured feeling and a neutral color.


Bathroom colors in 2014 depend on the size of the bathroom, for a smaller bathroom, white is preferred.

Nothing looks bad with white and a space painted in white does not look cramped or confined instead it gives a spacious and airy ambiance.

In 2014 it is preferred to color small bathrooms with one type of paint only.

As using multiple colors may risk over fancying the design and would pave way for confusion rather than comfort.

Rustic colors provide the oomph factor for old baths; they do so by easily complimenting the wooden furniture that has been placed there.

For luxury baths sleek marble, mellow oak and sparkling mirrors spell deluxe or instead of that at times the Sherbet-hued marble and Midas-touched faucets are used to bring out a color and feel of elegance in the bath.

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