The ‘Beautiful Homes & Designs’ story began with a group of three gifted home design experts looking to share their design knowledge, and most of all, passion, with the rest of the world. These designers launched a blog that would go on to become one of the most highly revered and successful home design magazines to date, with a focus on home design and architecture.

Currently racking in an impressive 1+ million unique monthly visitors, the site provides daily inspiration, guidance and information to those who are seeking to style, organize and improve their homes. With an archive of 1500+ posts featuring over 70,000 images of top-notch interior products and architectural projects, it is certainly no surprise that ‘Beautiful Homes & Designs’ has one of the most active and engaged online communities on the net.

‘Beautiful Homes & Designs’ has developed into an authority in its niche. Some of the most reputable and highly read internet sites share ‘Beautiful Homes & Designs’ content on a regular basis. ‘Beautiful Homes & Designs’ is also regularly selected as one of the top home design magazines on the net.

With a tremendous amount of hard-work, a methodical editing and selection process, and endless enthusiasm, ‘Beautiful Homes & Designs’ has come a long way. Today it is the go-to source for anyone who is passionate about design, architecture, luxury, and creativity in the home. People visit the site seeking inspiration and guidance in designing their homes, as well as unique and aesthetically pleasing ways to utilize their space. So visit our site, and create your dream home! at a glance:

• 1+ million unique visitors each month
• 5+ million page views each month
• 60,000+ high quality home design photos
• 1,500+ home design ideas and tips
• 5+ minutes. The average time spent by each visitor on our site


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